Moving iCloudDrive content from C: drive on Windows

1.Install iCloudSetup.exe in windows. You can not do anything such as alter the install directory, or change the content storage path.

2. Kill “iCloudDrive.exe” and “iCloudService.exe” process by taskmgr. cmd.exe, assuming the [username] represent the username you are logged in. Input command: cd c:\users\[username]\ . The command is case insentive.

4.Change the directory name.
ren c:\users\[username]\iCloudDrive c:\users\[username]\iCloudDrive.old

5.Create your new storage directory, such as  You:\path\to\iCloudDrive

6.Create a junction use command:
C:\Users\[username]>mklink /j "iCloudDrive" "You:\path\to\iCloudDrive"

You get a junction directory to new destination, and the storage will not occupy your c drive space.

You can also use command to get a SYMLINKD directory:
C:\Users\[username]>mklink /d "iCloudDrive" "You:\path\to\iCloudDrive"
It also does not occupy your c drive space.